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Artist in Residence!

From December of 2001 to April of 2003, I had the honor and privelege to be the first Artist in Residence in a little town named Gore, waaaay down near the chilly very bottomest of NZ's South Island.

Gore, which is also known as the Brown Trout capital of the world (!), is located smack dab in between Dunedin (pron. dun-EE-din) and Invercargill (well, they say in-vah-KAH-g'll, but I can't say it at all!). They even have a 15 foot sculpture of the Brown Trout right in the middle of town (see left)!

Since Gore is so close to the South Pole, it was pretty chilly for this tropical gal - I wore my wooly red jacket 90% of the time - even when everyone teased me mercilessly in the midst of summer!

You can see why when I was used to weather like this >>>

Gore may be a small town, but it's by no means unimportant. It serves the large surrounding area's sheep and dairy farms, and is, as well, becoming a prominent factor in the NZ art scene.

Here's the house my dear friend, Freda and I shared.

She took me in and gave me shelter for the entire time I was there - she was my personal angel!

Cool house no? It burned down a year after I left - bummer.

Jim Geddes, the Director of the Eastern Southland Historic Museum, and the Eastern Southland Art Gallery, asked me if I'd like to initiate the first classes and have a studio at an old church that they wanted to convert into an Art Centre (note that they still use the archaic spelling - ). Would I? You bet!

So for a bit over a year, I taught painting and drawing, creative writing and other classes - as well as being able to use the room as my own studio.

See the room that sticks out to the far right? There it is! Many fine budding and experienced artists passed through that door in those months. I was proud and thrilled to have the opportunity to teach and work there.

 I also served as a counsellor/Life Coach, and taught EFT (see and facilitated the sponsoring of other instructors coming to Gore.

Here's a little map of New Zealand. See Gore way down near the bottom?

Yeow I had such a hard time with the cold! When the wind blew and the sun was behind a cloud - man, forget it! Like being sliced with ice!

The South Pole's only a couple thousand miles away! I wore my big red jacket almost every day - even sometimes during what they called summer!

Me and Me and Me - Oils - 24" x 32"

And now I'm happilly back in Hawaii, teaching EFT, writing more books, painting (see left) and hosting my own Internet Radio Show.

Below are a few shots of my house, garden, and favorite beaches.

This is part of my house.

I have two Japanese Tea-Hoouse-like structures, and a little lanai where I paint. Very cozy and sweet.

It's backed up by a canal that goes right down to the beach - all I have to do is plop a kayak into the water and 11 minutes later I'm in the surf!

Lanikai Beach & Outriggers


Kailua Beach

Lanikai Beach


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