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I just visited your art website. You are absolutely amazing and inspiring. I tried to pick a favorite but found that I couldn't! Many of your paintings brought tears to my eyes.

My own creativity has been supressed for a very long time but with the help of EFT I find that it is slowly returning.

Thank you for all you do!

- Lynna Martinez





Tile gallery NEW TILES! tiles & ideas

Click here for larger detail of right-hand image

Here are some ideas HOW THEY CAN LOOK in your house....

Now go HERE to see MORE SAMPLES!

When you get to the page, just click on any image and a page with add-to-cart buttons will come up. Use the buttons & buy directly from the website using paypal

You can also go through the images on this site and choose ones you'd like to get for your tiles. Email me to see if the images you choose are available for tiles!


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